Marina Pozanco
I’m Marina, …. Barcelona native.
Broke into the world of art direction through feature films.
Three decades of experience in advertising and 40+ feature films later.
Art director,  production designer,  set designer,  with an endless stream and source of ideas.
Good ideas come from anywhere and pop up at any time.  The main thing is to recognise them and consequently exploit them using any means possible.
Designing , being involved in projects,  creating things,  solving problems , and most importantly; searching for and finding answers.
I am a problem solver.
I have a vision of the entire production,  with time, budget, deadline and working constraints.  Working actively and creatively with excellent working skills Involving crews of all sizes.
Exploring new ideas and points of view using creativity through a vast experience coupled with a passion towards this incredible profession.
Never stand still.   Never stop learning.
I love my work and consequently my world.